WPS Connect v4.1.2

WPS Connect v4.1.2 : Hey guys, welcome back to our website so as we know most of us to use Wi-Fi routers for giving connectivity to all of our devices in the home. But we also know that routers are one of the most vulnerable devices.

WPS Connect v4.1.2

WPS Connect v4.1.2. Wifi sign in the image.

Wps Connects apk

It’s easy to get attacked and hacked so if you want to know that the router you are using right now is weak to WPS security or not, WPS Connect v4.1.2 then you can use this app to test it for your router as well as others routers too, if they are vulnerable you can get connected to Wi-Fi easily with this app.


  • We can view password of all the Wi-Fi that we have connected before and also the one we hacked using this app.
  • We can hack the Wi-Fi routers which are vulnerable to WPS protocol.
  • This app is compatible with most of the android version’s out there.
  • This app can be used for education purpose as well to test the vulnerability of our or someone else Wi-Fi.
  • You can also copy all the saved Wi-Fi passwords.

How to Download and install Wps connect v4.1.2

WPS Connect v4.1.2

Connect to Private network without any password

  • WPS Connect v4.1.2 you can download WPS CONNECT directly from play-store as it doesn’t violate any of play-store policy so it is available on play-store or we can download it from any third party app-store like AC market.
  • Just search WPS connect in play-store and select the original one and click install and it will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • After the app is installed we can open it form our app drawer, when we will open it for the first time the app will ask us for giving it various permissions.
  • Just give it all the permissions that it requires so the app can work perfectly, and that’s all now you are ready to enjoy this awesome application.

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