What is WPS? And how is it activated using a button or PIN?

What is WPS? Everyone who wants to set up a WiFi network or integrate a device into a WiFi will ask themselves this question at some point. WPS is supported by almost every router and many WLAN devices and offers many advantages.

What is WPS?

WPS stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. WPS is a method that allows you to quickly establish a wireless network connection between two devices. With this, smartphones, for example, can be registered with a WLAN router at the push of a button. While the router’s access PIN usually has to be entered on the new device, the login here takes place automatically. 

As a rule, a button on the router is first pressed (Push Button Configuration) and then you have 2 minutes to press a button on the other device or to confirm the WPS connection in a menu. There are other login methods with this technology, but mostly either the “push button configuration” or ” WPS via PIN ” is used. During this time, the network is open to any device that wants to establish such a connection.

It receives the login data from the router and can later automatically connect to the network. There is of course the small risk that someone will try to log in at that very moment, but the probability is small. Activate WPS – that’s how it works Even if many routers and WLAN-enabled devices can use this “quick login”, you must first activate WPS – on the router and, if necessary, on the other device. With many routers, you can start the WPS registration via a button on the device. If that does not work immediately, the function may first have to be activated in the router’s user interface.

Activate WPS in the router

If your router supports the feature, you can activate or deactivate WPS in the management of the device.

  • With the Fritzbox you will find the option in the sub-item “ Security ” of the “ WLAN ” menu . You can “ Start WPS ” under “ WPS quick connection ”. 
  • The Telecom router Speedport has these settings in the ” Home network ” area. Under “ Manage WLAN access ” you can click on “ Add devices to WLAN ”. There you check the box next to ” Use WPS to connect computers or devices to the WLAN via WPS “.

Other routers will also offer WPS activation in the network or WLAN settings.

Connect the PC or smartphone to the WLAN via WPS

If you want to connect a PC or laptop with Windows 10 to the WLAN using the WPS button, you first have to make sure that the WLAN adapter is activated on your computer . After that, everything is very easy.

This is how you connect Windows 10 to the WLAN via WPS:

Call up the notification bar of Windows 10 by pressing the key combination Windows + A. There you will find the “Network” button, with which you can display the available networks. You can also download WPS Connect for your windows 10 from online download portals like lisanilssonart.com.

Click on the network you want.

Then click on “Connect”. Now you will be asked for the WiFi password.

If the router supports the feature, it will be shown below that the connection can also be established through the WPS button.

Press the WPS button for about 5 seconds.

Your Windows PC is now connected to the router via WLAN.

Connect Android to WiFi using WPS:

  1. Open the WLAN menu by swiping down from the top of the display and then pressing and holding the WLAN icon.
  2. Then tap on ” Advanced ” to show additional options.
  3. At the end of the following window, you have to tap on “ Show more ” so that the WPS option is displayed.
  4. There you will usually find the two options ” Press WPS button ” and ” Enter WPS pin “.
  5. Tap on the desired menu entry and then press the WPS button on the router to connect the two devices.

Activate WPS with PIN – this is how it works

WPS with PIN is an additional security feature in this connection method. A PIN is entered in the router’s administration interface, which must be entered in addition to pressing the key.

In your home network you usually set on the router whether and which WPS method it should use.

  • You can disable WPS entirely. The full WLAN key must then be entered on each new device in the network .
  • With one push of a button on both devices.
  • With a WPS PIN from the new device.

The WPS method with PIN is mostly used if there is no WPS button on the device to be connected. In this case you have to get to the PIN of this device somehow. Often it is on a sticker on the device or it is displayed to you during setup.

How to activate and use your WPS with PIN:

  1. If you want to bring a new device into the WiFi network, then call up the corresponding function there or see the instructions for what you have to do.
  2. If the connection is only possible via WPS with a PIN, then search for the PIN. It is a permanent part of the new device and must then be entered in the router.
  3. Now call up the user interface of your router in the browser, for example by entering the address fritz.box for a Fritzbox or speedport.ip for a telecom router.
  4. Log into your router and look for an entry such as
    Manage WiFi access> Add devices to WiFi .
  5. There you may have to activate the selection of the WPS method with PIN first. Before you can enter the PIN in a special field.
  6. Now enter the PIN there, but the connection does not start yet.
  7. Now start the connection process on the new device and then on the router.

After a few moments it should have worked if there was no typo. The two devices are now paired with each other and will automatically connect to each other again later.

If this method does not work and you have the option of entering something on the new device, then use the standard connection method. To do this, start the connection on the new device. If you are asked to do so, you enter the WiFi key.

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