WPS Connect APK v1.3.7 Download for Android

WPS connect is the best networking tool for your Android device. The app helps in connecting to Wifi networks than run WPS protocol. You can also check if your WiFi network is penetrable or not. By doing this, we can know if our router is under attack and disconnect required devices. WPS Connect APK is most useful for people using Public WiFi networks. Check if your network is being monitored by third party services.

There is a version available on Google Play Store. You can find vulnerabilities on your own WiFi but can’t sniff other WPS router passwords with that version. Root your device and install the below APK to get the original WPS Connect for free.

WPS Connect

The Android app is compatible with mobiles running Android 4.1.2 and higher. The main aim of the app is to check for vulnerabilities in Public WiFi networks. WPS is a Wifi Protected setup installed in routers to keep it secure from attackers. If you have a old router, chances are it might have less security with WPS. WPA/WPA2 setups are more secure than WPS. Public routers that server Wifi to hundreds of devices are also vulnerable to get attacked via WPS. WPS Connect helps in identifying the hidden vulnerabilities in our router system.

You can also sniff weak router passwords running WPS via WPS connect. Do not misuse it for illegal purposes. Ask the network owner before using WPS Connect on their devices.


  • Test thousands of PINs via algorithms.
  • More features with Rooted devices.
  • Sniff weak WPS passwords.
  • Delete/disconnect networks from public Wifi.
  • Block home network from accessing the internet via router.
  • Store and view stored wifi passwords.

WPS Connect APK Download

WPS Connect logo

App Name: WPS Connect
File name: wpsconnect.apk
Size: 2.94 MB
Version: 1.3.6
License: Free

Download APK (v1.3.6)


How to use?

  • Open app and turn ON wifi to search for all Wifi connections.
  • To test security errors in your router, click on your Router name.
  • Select a PIN from the default available PINs.
  • If WPS connect penetrates in to your router, it is vulnerable to attacks.

How to hack WiFi on Android with WPS Connect?

To know the password of router, you can try to connect with router via trying default PINS. If any of the routers left their PIN to default, WPS Connect will verify and connect. Follow below steps:

  • Open WPS Connect app and turn ON wifi.
  • Click on the router with WPS setup.
  • WPS will show all the saved PINs.
  • Try with each PIN and connect manually.

What’s New?


  • Added 24/28/32 bit algorithm.
  • Added Dlink/Dlink+1 algorithm.
  • Few bug fixes.


  • Fixed connection problems with Non root devices.
  • Now install on Non rooted devices.